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Strategic Plan
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Strategic Planning Work Group meets at the University of Pennsylvania in June


Our strategic planning process continues with the NAASS Administrative Council preparing to present the three- to five-year plan to the membership at the annual business meeting in Kansas City. This is an update and expansion of the excellent 2005 plan.  Considerable new data has been gathered from recent regional meetings and a broadly distributed survey.  Upon analyzing this data, six key issues of interest have been identified and these are serving to focus the efforts and resources of the Association in its planning.  These are the six key issues.  


EDUCATION.  This issue addresses the education value our members get from membership in NAASS.  It will cover changes and additions to our delivery of information and content our members need to do their jobs better.  It will also address the many possible methods of delivering this material, whether at the annual conference, regional meetings or via webinars, message boards, LMS, and social media platforms.


MEMBERSHIP.  The obvious point here is that membership growth is vital for any viable, dynamic organization, and NAASS intends to grow membership within its regions and beyond, establish additional levels/forms of membership, diversify membership, and fully engage its members.  Targets for 2019 are being set.


RESEARCH.  The research NAASS engages in and supports helps our members, our institutions, and our profession.  We’ll identify partners, publications, and proposed topics.  Summer Academe will remain our Association publication and grow with additional content, more hits on and quotes from its articles, and wider notoriety.


ADVOCACY.  We are identifying ways NAASS can be the ‘go to’ source of information and advocate for summer sessions.  This advocacy will take place within our institutions, before the general public, with policy makers, and with others we see as supporting our mission.


COMMUNICATIONS/INFORMATION.  Almost everything we do depends on effective and timely communication between our members and outside our association.  We want ways to identify trends, learn what people are saying, understand student needs, and more.  Then, we want to have efficient methods in place to present this information to our members.


FINANCES.  NAASS members understand the Association’s mission can only be achieved when the Association is financially strong.  NAASS is in a strong financial position now, and we want to ensure the Association’s finances remain strong in the future.  We will be identifying various funding sources and continuing to improve our budget and financial control systems.


This will be a strategic ACTION plan when finished and adopted.  We understand, its implementation and success will depend on the commitment of our future leaders and volunteers.  If you have any thoughts or questions regarding any stage of the planning, please send me an email,  We are engaged in an invigorating process designed to strengthen your Association and prepare it for the education environment of tomorrow.


Gary Simon

President 2016


 North American Association of Summer Sessions
2016 Harris Hall, Campus 7302 | Raleigh, NC 27695-7302 | USA